Customer Gallery

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left image
  • a gallery
  • roman fountain yard treatment
  • patio area and gazebo
  • retaining wall with shaded landscaping
  • roman fountain statue with water fountain
  • paver walkway to patio area
  • natural garden landscaping with flowering plum
  • formal birdbath
  • retaining wall, paver walkway and yard lighting
  • gazebo with barbecue grill built in
  • lattice work patio with grape arbor
small image

This garden was designed not only for beauty but for entertaining. It features an outdoor kitchen and shelter,as well as a heated spa which doubles as a water feature. The guests can congregate by the fireplace on the patio as the walls are designed to accommodate many people to sit and converse with one another. The spa area also has a covered patio to beat the summer heat as this garden is in Walla Walla.The main patio has misters installed on all the hanging baskets to keep the guests cool.